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Yank Berry’s Quest

August 20, 2016
Yank Barry’s philanthropic work with numerous charities has been significant. His efforts have not only brought him three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize, but they have helped thousands of people escape their plight and live a better life. It is true that he has chosen to help a great many people the world had forgotten.
His global hunger initiative, Global Village Champions Foundation, has served up more than one billion meals to hungry people throughout the world over the course of two decades.

One interesting aspect of Yank Berry's philanthropy is that he and his wife Yvette don't just write checks and have someone else do the hard work. They are on the front lines in the effort to provide aid to people caught in crisis. In recent years, they have focused on helping and saving refugees from war torn Syria, Iraq and Iran. Their efforts have helped thousands of refugees escape the violence and volatility caused by groups as lethal as ISIS, providing them with whatever they need to rebuild their lives, including food, a home, medical supplies and anything else they need to rebuild their lives.


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